Deluxe Biscuit Box

Discover our Matcha Biscuit Box, a fabulous tin of 24 personalized biscuits.

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In addition, our Matcha Biscuit Box is made from recycled paper and we even offer you the possibility to receive your biscuits wrapped in an organically degradable packaging.

A luscious box, filled with delicious artisanal biscuits and made from a sustainable packaging: this is the perfect gift that will truly delight all Matcha tea lovers!

Matcha Kekse aus Berlin von Biscuits Bre

A little introduction about Matcha Tea

Where does it come from and what is it exactly?

This exceptional tea, especially known for its beneficial health effects, is a product of the Japanese culture that stems from a thousand-year history and imbued with the Zen spirit. Matcha has been consumed by Zen Buddhist monks for more than 800 years.

In Japanese, "cha" means tea and "ma" means powder, so the word "matcha" literally means powdered green tea.

It was a monk, the Japanese clergyman Eichû (743-816), who after long studies in China first brought tea back to Japan, in the form of bricks. At that time, only the elite and the emperor consumed this rare and expensive commodity.

In 1191 the Buddhist monk Eisai (1141-1215) brought back a new type of tea consumption from China, which corresponds to today's Matcha: the powdered green tea is whipped in a container with hot water. While this method of preparation spread with success in Japan, it was abandoned fairly quickly in China.

In Eisai's time, tea was mainly consumed as a medicine. Matcha is also used by Zen Buddhist monks as a stimulant to help them stay awake and focused for hours during their meditation sessions.

These profound physiological benefits of matcha, evoked by the Sages of Japan, are now being proven by scientists as even more innovative studies are published on the health benefits of green tea.