Frequently Asked questions




Do you offer gluten-free, vegan or lactose-free biscuits?


Our biscuit sort “Brunsli” contains neither flour nor milk.


All other biscuits are made with wheat flour (Type 405).


The flavors "Orange", "Thyme & Olive Oil" and "Matcha" available for our personalized biscuits, as well as the biscuit varieties "La Belle Orange" and "Le Provençal" do not contain any animal protein and are made using vegetable fat. They are vegan and lactose free.



Are the biscuits organic?

Our biscuits are carefully prepared by hand, using the finest and best ingredients, all selected by us and coming from regional surroundings. Our biscuits do not contain neither preservatives nor artificial flavors.

And even if our products are not marked by any organic seal, the biscuits comply with the current Fairtrade and organic regulations in terms of quality and preparation conditions.



How big are the personalized biscuits?


Mini, Medium, Premium und Deluxe Biscuit-Boxes: 6.5 x 4cm

Classic Biscuit-Box: 8 x 6cm


Our other biscuits sorts are available in packages of 100g and 200g.


As per our give-away treats, four different forms are available :

heart (40x35mm), shamrock (45x45mm), round (Ø 50mm), round serrated (Ø 45mm).



What is the expiration date?

When unopened, the biscuits stay fresh and delicious for at least 8 to 10 weeks from the date of purchase.


I have a special request or a particularly urgent order. What should I do?

Please send us an email at with a description of your request as well as a time frame. We will do our utmost to fulfill your demand and offer you a prompt delivery!



Can you emboss a special design or logo on the biscuit?

Yes, that is possible! In this case please provide us with a PDF file of your logo. We will look at the design and will send you a quote.


Can you emboss a second message at the back of the biscuit?

Unfortunately not, because the selected message is stamped directly into the dough. However, we could assemble two biscuits together and with a layer of chocolate in between 😋 



What are the different letters and characters that I can use when creating my biscuit online ?


Special characters: ! ? , ' : ; & @ - + = % . € $ #

Digits: 0123456789

Symbols: ☎, ♛, ❤, 🏠



I would like to send the biscuits as a gift. Can I add a little message?

Yes :) Please enter the message in the comment field before confirming your order. Of course, we will also make sure to not put the invoice in the package and will send it directly to your address per e-mail.



Where do you bake the biscuits ?


In the oven ;)



Where do you really bake the biscuits ?

The biscuits are all hand made in Daheim Manufaktur, Dieffenbachstraße 68, 10967 Berlin, Germany. We are currently actively looking for our own premises. Stay tuned ;)



How are the biscuits wrapped?

Sustainability is very important to us, which is why we decided to offer reusable packaging (OPP material) as well as organic films for our personalized biscuits.

The bio films are entirely made of renewable raw materials (according to certificates EN13432, EN14995, ASTM, D6400 and ISO17088), and in contrast to conventional plastic films (OPP), they are biodegradable and convince with an excellent oxygen barrier, and therefore offer a sophisticated aroma protection, which is also supplemented by a proven functional barrier against MOSH / MOAH migration (confirmed to have a protective effect of > 5 years). More information can be found here.

The biscuits can be packed individually, in pairs or in bundles of six biscuits (this option is only possible for packaging in OPP material), and are then placed in our biscuit box. Whether recyclable or biodegradable, choose the right packaging tailored to your needs!

The other types of biscuits in bags of 100g and 200g are packed in OPP cellophane.


What does "biodegradable" mean?

Biodegradable means that a material or product is made from biological raw materials such as paper or plants and disintegrates over time into natural components.  Bioplastics are available in a multitude of forms: Made from new materials such as PLA (starch materials), cellulose or bio-based variants of conventional plastics such as bio-PE or bio-PET.

Is a biodegradable product also compostable?

That depends on how long it takes for the product to break down completely. There are biological products that are compostable. These only need 6 months to be completely dismantled.


How should be disposed the bio-film?


In any in-house compost can the films decompose on their own within six months. Should you not have any compost at hand, conventional ways such as the yellow bag or residual waste are the best choices for the disposal. The film is thermally recycled - no harmful substances are released when burned! ⁠

What does OPP mean?


OPP packaging is a reusable and environmentally friendly plastic material that is food-safe, a special film made from polypropylene (PP). Alongside polyethylene (PE), polypropylene is one of the most frequently used plastics for packaging. OPP (also PP-O) stands for "oriented polypropylene".

And what material are the biscuit-boxes made of?


Our cardboard biscuit boxes are recyclable and made in Germany. They entirely come from FSC®-certified and sustainable forestry.

The shipping material consists of two-corrugated FSC®-certified packaging cardboard, as well as organic packaging chips and paper for the filling.



Aren’t the biscuits breaking during transportation?

Don't worry: our biscuit-boxes are specially designed to protect the biscuits and we use enough packaging material to make sure the goods are kept safe during transportation. If you have any further questions, you can of course contact us at any time by e-mail at or  by using our contact form.



How are the biscuits delivered?


We send all parcels via DHL (who includes a liability up to EUR 500 as well as tracking number). For an express delivery, do let us know and we will get in touch with one of our partners.

In which countries are the biscuits delivered?


Germany, Austria, France (French overseas territories are excluded), Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Croatia, Spain.



What are the payment methods available?


The following payment methods are available: payment by credit card, PayPal and PayPal Express, immediate transfer with Klarna and immediate transfer with Giropay.

Orders  that are placed per message, e-mail or telephone as well as professional orders can also be paid by bank transfer.